Menstrual exacerbation of other medical conditions

Medical conditions commonly worsen during the luteal phase and menses. This may reflect the complex and often poorly understood interplay of hormones with other physiologic processes throughout the body. Seizures, asthma, mental health disorders, and migraines are among the conditions more commonly exacerbated during a woman’s menstrual cycle. Anita Nelson and Lee Shulman offer guidance on interrupting the cycling interplay of hormones and exacerbation of medical conditions in their chapter on the Menstrual Cycle in the new edition of Contraceptive Technology. A classic example is menstrual migraines.

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From Princeton University: Thomas James Trussell ...

James Trussell, a long-standing editor and contributor to Contraceptive Technology, died on December 26, 2018, after a brief illness.

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The Short and Long of IUD ...

So what exactly is the expert consensus on how long someone can use an IUD? There are two branches to that question. First, when is it appropriate to place an IUD when a patient wants only short-term contraception? And second, how effective is the IUD beyond the time period listed in the labeling? Regarding the first question, experts are advising that clinicians reframe the concept of ‘early’ removal. Understandably, clinicians are mindful of the high up-front cost of IUDs borne by their patients. And they have been educated to focus on contraceptive method continuation rates, which can reflect patients’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction with their methods. But that focus on continuation rates, along with the name “long-acting” reversible contraception, can dissuade clinicians and patients from using an IUD for a only a short time, such as 9 months rather than for the several year limit listed in the labeling. According to Contraceptive Technology editor and author Patty Cason, while IUDs have limits duration of use, there is no limit on a minimal time for use.

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The Book

Now available in a new 21st edition, this well-known text with more than 2 million copies in print has been the leading family planning resource... Read more
Covering the most important advances in women’s health and contraception, Contraceptive Technology is designed for health professionals just like you. Chaired by Dr. Robert Hatcher, the conference faculty includes the authors of the well-known reference text Contraceptive Technology, and other nationally known reproductive health experts. Conference topics include: new and future methods of contraception, sexuality issues, recurrent vaginitis, case studies, adolescent health, STD treatment, flexible OC management and much more.

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The Contraceptive Technology conferences will help you synthesize the data and translate the evidence into clinical “pearls” you can put directly into practice. With an array of Preconferences delving into selected specialty areas of interest, plenary sessions focusing on the “hottest” topics, a thought-provoking luncheon presentation, and 30 dynamic, interactive Concurrent Sessions, including hands-on workshops…this conference is certain to improve your clinical practice and expand your network of colleagues. Read more